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Forage Boxes are available in many different sizes and includes the option for customization. Features available include: rear unload, dual hydraulic motor drive, 96" inside width, 102" outside width, 667XH 28,000# tensile strength pintle apron chaines 100 pitch drive chains, vinyl floor, Air Operated barn door style, rear doors, lighting, folding front screen sections, manual or air cylinder operated, grain hopper, super single tires, reversing aprons, and multiple different box lengths.

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Heavy Duty Forage, Forage Semi Trailer, and Super 6900 Forage Racks

Forage: Forage Box Special Order Options

RHU: (Optional Right Hand Unload)
RU: (Optional Rear Unload)
MTG: (Mounting Of Forage Box On Running Gear)
PTO: (Complete PTO Shaft)
HP: (Hydro-Pak)
CCE: (Optional Cross Conveyor Extension)
PC: (Transport Lighting Power Chord)
QRR: (Quick Removable Roof)
Paint: Red is Standard, Black or Green Available At No Extra Charge (Allow Extra Delivery Time)

Forage: 4900 Rear Unload Boxes

FR4900-18: (18' 4900 Rear Unload Forage Box)
FR4900-20: (20' 4900 Rear Unload Forage Box)
FR4900-24: (24' 4900 Rear Unload Forage Box W/ 667X Aprons)

Forage: 5900 Two Speed Boxes

FR5900-16: (16' 5900 Two Speed Forage Box)
FR5900-18: (18' 5900 Two Speed Forage Box)

Forage: 6900 Variable Speed Boxes

FR6900-16: (16' 6900 Variable Speed Forage Box)
FR6900-18: (18' 6900 Variable Speed Forage Box)