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These Standard Tandem Dump Trailers are for off road use. They have steel floors, implement rims and 9.5L x 15 tires and tubes, hydraulic hoses to tractor, clevis hitch no brakes. The Standard with Deluxe Trailers have 8 bolt hubs and white spoke tims eith 275 x 16" "E" rated tires, leaf spring cushion axles, hydraulic hoses & couplers, and electric brakes. Tehn the Optional Equipment inclides it's own elextric brakes on two axles, electric hydraulic systems with deep cycle battery and box. Two way rear tail gate 8" removable steel side extention pintle hitch, and ramps available.

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Tilt Deck Skid Loader Trailer, Flat Bed Skid Loader Trailer, Tandem Axle Dump Trailers, Single Axle Cattle Trailers, and Tandem Axle Cattle Trailers